Domestic Warehousing and Delivery Operation

In collaboration with the inland distribution warehouse companies, not only arrangement of cargo for warehouse storage, we are providing an additional in-warehouse services such as inspection as well as packing,labeling. 

As far as domestic delivery service of all logistics processes are concerned, we make delivery of FCL cargo and small lot with consolidated cargo to all the areas in Japan in accordance with the customers’ needs.

Export and Import Customs Clearance Work

As an expert staffs at customs clearance pay prompt attention to handle a variety of export and import shipments such as cosmetics, foodstuff, machinery,  chemical and apparel.

We especially ensure in conjunction with overseas partners who are well versed in local rules to keep import and export operations flowing smoothly and we quickly deal with that when a trouble occurs. 

Logistics and Freight Forwarding Operation

We established a position as a logistics company in Japan serving all the countries of the world including Asia.

In particular,  we have developed a global network of international logistics that cover China working with Sophisticated local agents in Dalian, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen and coastal regions.

To provide superior door-to-door cargo delivery services by experienced staffs and, also offer multimodal transport services with the best of customs clearance and various international logistics services.

Export Flow


Cargo Pickup

We receive a request from the customer, collect the cargo with container at the customer’s designated warehouse.


Cargo Transportation,
Carrying-in of Cargo to the CY(Container Yard)

The cargo packed into the container which transports and delivers to the CY at the loading port.


Customs Declaration

We declare the cargo by NACCS(Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System) upon application of export declaration.


Export Permission

When the customers are required such as full or random sampling inspection, which carry out necessary inspection. If there are no issues in the entry details, gets permission for export.


Cargo load onto the vessel

After receiving a permission from customs, the containers are loaded onto the vessel and leaves at port of loading.